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How to Enter

Follow these simple steps to help complete your entry.
Follow the Steps


Step 1: Know the brief, know your deliverables


Design Brief

Read the design brief carefully and make sure you understand what the task is asking of you. It’s a good idea to highlight the keywords in the brief.

Category Deliverables

Make sure you understand what's required for your entry:



End-user profile End-user profile
Fashion illustration with annotations Fashion illustration with annotations
Creative statement Technical sketch
  Creative statement



Step 2: Learn about wool


The Woolmark Company's online Wool Appreciation Course provides all the information you need to build a solid understanding of wool, including:

  • wool’s properties and benefits
  • the wool supply chain
  • recent technological innovations in wool

This in-depth introduction provides a solid framework of knowledge and understanding about the wool fibre from its production on-farm and the inherent benefits of the fibre, right through to the manufacture of wool and exciting fibre and fabric innovations within the wool industry.

By completing the Wool Appreciation Course, you will develop functional knowledge and skills in the sourcing, manufacturing, use and care of wool, which will help facilitate the successful selection, management and application of the wool fibre.

All the knowledge gained from the course will equip you with the information needed to complete your entry.


Step 3: Complete your entry



You will find many resources and templates available to help you complete your entry on the Learning Resources and Videos pages:

  • End-user profile
  • Illustration
  • Technical sketch (senior students)
  • Annotation
  • Creative statement (recommended 500 words)
  • Videos


Step 4: Submit your entry


Are you ready to upload your entry? Find out using our handy checklist. If you can tick all the boxes, it's time to submit!




Before submitting your entry, check to see you have met our entry requirements:


  Does your end-user profile clearly convey the style and requirements of your end user?

  Is your outfit design new, innovative and creative?

  Does your outfit design clearly embody your interpretation of sustainability and is fit for purpose?

  Have you selected appropriate wool materials and innovations for your designs?

  Do your annotations:

  • identify and reference your interpretation of sustainable design that meets the brief?

  • identify each of the garments that make up the outfit?

  • identify the wool materials and wool innovations, as well as other fibres or materials used for each garment?

  • identify the woven and knitted fabrics used?

  • identify which Woolmark logo would be applied to each garment?

  Does your creative statement explain the design concept and demonstrate an understanding of wool materials and innovations used in your design?

  Do you have all elements of your submission as displayed in Step 1?


If you have ticked all of the boxes, you're ready to submit your entry!

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