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The Wool Process

Wool is one of the most naturally inspiring fibres on the planet and undergoes a unique journey from the sheep’s back to the world of fashion. Using age-old techniques mixed with modern technologies, wool fibres are transformed into luxuriously soft fabrics and yarns, used by the world’s best fashion designers.

The Woolmark Company remains at the forefront of developing and commercialising new manufacturing technologies for wool. We work closely with manufacturers involved at all stages of the wool manufacturing pipeline, developing new processes and creating new product opportunities that are both innovative and aimed at adding value to create new commercial opportunities.

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The Wool Production Process

Wool, by nature a circular fibre, can help brands enter more easily into the development of circular products.

Circular design in the textile industry uses regenerative materials, keeps garments in use and provides pathways for reuse, recycling and biodegradation at end-of-life. 

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Wool. Designed by nature. Designed for life.

Wool Processing


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