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For Teachers

What is Wool4School?

Unleash your students’ inner designer with Wool4School.  

The annual Wool4School design competition encourages secondary school students to unleash their creativity as budding designers.  

How can teachers help? Wool4School features free lesson plans, PowerPoints, information packs and more, that are designed to fit into your teaching and learning program to inspire your students.  

How Wool4School Supports Teachers


New in Wool4School: Unlimited Design Options

Explore the infinite design potential of wool in this year’s Wool4School competition. From fashion design to furniture, jewellery, architecture, sculpture, stage sets and beyond, unleash your creativity across all areas of design with wool.

Here are some design areas to consider:

• Fashion design
• Artwork
• Architecture and/or public spaces
• Interior design
• Jewellery
• Wearables

• Décor and homewares
• 3D forms
• Industrial applications
• Costumes and stage design
• Prototypes
• Traditional arts and crafts