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The Competition




Earth, water, fire and air.  

Create a unique design made from wool, taking inspiration from the earth’s natural elements.  

From fashion design to architecture, visual arts, and beyond – there’s no limits to your area of design. 

Research the design properties of wool and investigate how these can be included in a design that embodies your interpretation of your chosen element of earth, water, fire or air.  

Your design should consist of 1 to 4 pieces and must be made up of at least 70% wool. Show how the characteristics of wool fabrics and wool innovations have been harnessed within your design to showcase this incredible fibre. Investigate and develop your use of colour, texture and decorative techniques, and incorporate these in your design idea.  

Create a design that celebrates Merino wool and our planet and let your creativity run free! 


How to Enter

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Step 1


To enter Wool4School 2023/24, register your participation through the registration form. Once you have registered, you will be sent an email with a confirmation link. Click the link in the email to confirm your registration.

Students must register individually, to receive important updates and information about the competition.

If you participated in last year's competition, you don't need to register again. Simply LOG IN and update your details.

Register here

Step 2

Learning resources

Review the information provided through your dashboard. We suggest students complete the Wool Appreciation Course to give a summary of farm to fashion.

Go to Dashboard

Step 3


The deliverables are different for each category and judging criteria. Find out what is required to complete an entry.

Get to know your deliverables

Step 4

Submit your entry

Students must submit their designs through the dashboard. Note, Teachers are no longer able to submit on behalf of their students. Students, it’s up to you!

When received, a panel of industry experts will judge them against the competition criteria to determine the winners.

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Junior Years 7 and 8
Mid Years 9 and 10
Senior Year 11
Aspiring Year 12



Each Student who wishes to submit an entry MUST register for the competition. Teachers are no longer able to submit on behalf of students. 

Junior Designer Category
Years 7 & 8
Mid Designer Category
Years 9 & 10
Senior Designer Category
Year 11
Aspiring Designer Category
Year 12
Illustration with annotations Illustration with annotations Illustration with annotations Illustration with annotations
  End-user profile End-user profile End-user profile
  Creative statement Creative statement Creative statement
    Technical sketch Technical sketch

Register to view the judging criteria and see student examples that can help with your submission


Prizes Announced Soon

Prizes Announced Soon

  • Prizes for each category, including teacher and lucky draw prizes to be announced soon. Keep your eye out!