From jackets turning into backpacks and satchels, coats becoming sleeping bags and a skirt transforming into an umbrella, the winners from this year’s Wool4School competition have been chosen by a panel of expert judges. As always, competition was fierce, and here at Wool4School HQ we are so proud of each and every student’s final submission.

Congratulations to all our winners and runners-up.




Year 7 Winner

Isabelle Tran

St Dominic's Priory College, SA

Year 7 Runner up 

Amber Richmond

Belmont High School, VIC

Year 8 Winner

Tiah Hough

Cornerstone College, SA

Year 8 Runner up

Anna Ivanova

Georges River College, NSW

Year 9 Winner

Amelia Reyntjes

Sacred Heart College Geelong, VIC

Year 9 Runner up

Amy Cunningham

Horizon Christian School, SA

Year 10 Winner

Cecilia Cheah

Georges River Campus Penshurst Girls Campus, NSW

Year 10 Runner up

Holly Hyde

Scotch College, SA

Year 11 Winner

Cindy Kieu

St Dominic's Priory College, SA

Year 11 Runner up

Tully Guest

Bishop Druitt College, NSW

Year 12 Winner

Jenny Lee

Our Lady of Sacred Heart, SA

Year 12 Runner up

Cherono Sigei

Belridge Secondary College, WA

Teacher Winner

Alison Stewart

Nowra Christian School, NSW

Teacher Runner up

Shelley Whitelock

Illawara Christian School, NSW


Congratulations to all the finalists from each state. See the shortlist here.

Year 10 winner Cecilia Cheah from Georges River Campus Penshurst Girls Campus in NSW will have her winning design turned into reality by leading Australian fashion designer Jonathan Ward. Cecilia’s winning design includes a unisex coat, which could be transformed into both a backpack and sleeping bag - perfect for the young adventurer on a camping trip.

“Cecilia’s winning entry, titled The Convertible Coat, was outstanding and well thought through in her presentation,” said Jonathan Ward. “The contemporary design shows versatility through a multi-functional garment utilising the properties of wool across camping and travelling, yet remains fashionable and adventurous with the final design."

Cindy Kieu, the Year 11 winner from St Dominic's Priory College, SA, also designed a coat which can turn into a sleeping bag. With a homeless person in mind, Cindy’s creative statement talks about how wool can save lives. The padded full-length coat - made from the innovative wind and water-repellent Neulana Protect fabric - can not only become a sleeping bag, but also a swaddle for a baby.

Another win for South Australia, Jenny Lee from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart won the Year 12 competition, along with a scholarship to the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Designing for rapper, singer-songwriter CL, Jenny’s winning design consists of high-waisted wool denim jeans, a bodysuit, fishnet tights and a voluminous skirt which can be turned into an umbrella - the perfect stage accessory.

“Jenny shows exceptional talent in drawing and fashion design,” said Whitehouse Institute of Design founder Leanne Whitehouse. “Her fashion knowledge and creative approach to this design competition showed maturity and enormous fashion flair. Jenny’s understanding of the many amazing properties of wool textiles was successfully addressed in her contemporary dress design and her design of her fashion accessories. I look forward to welcoming Jenny to either our Melbourne or Sydney campus in 2019 and to the Bachelor of Design.”

Thank you to all students and teachers who were involved in this year’s competition and be sure to keep an eye on your inbox later this year to find out what the next exciting theme for Wool4School will be.