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Winning Entries from Past Competitions

Check out some of the past winners' submissions.

Last year, Wool4School challenged students to design a garment or outfit that embraces the use of technology to enhance garment performance or function. Have a look at how the winners took on this challenge and applied their talent into the designs that went above and beyond expectations.


Keren Sondi

Senior Winner 2019/20 Greenford High School

“Honestly, I loved every part of it [the competition] as each stage from thinking of a design, developing the idea and putting it all together each presented a different challenge that I was determined to overcome. But if I had to choose, I would say the very end of the project when I assembled all my work together, it truly made everything come to life.”

Keren Sondi




“I am so honoured to have won. I am beyond happy, it is a great feeling to know that my idea and design is appreciated by others.”

Eugenie Boudes


Molly Westoby

Special Mention 2019/20 Southend High School for Girls